14 May 2012 • by admin

Instagram by Numbers

The $1 billion Facebook acquisition made Instagram hit the headlines all around the world. In only 2 years the application has acquired more than 50 million users and heading to 100 million users milestone already.

Here are some fun stats about the users and the usage of Instagram.

- Each day on Facebook 300 million photos are uploaded
- Instagram gains one new user every second
- One billion photos have been taken with the app
- There are roughly 58 photos uploaded each second

In 2010 the average time for uplading a photo was 4 seconds. It raised to 6 seconds in 2011 and finally 10 seconds in 2012.

37% of the users never uploaded a photo using the app while 25% only shared an average of 1-3 photos. The percentage of the active users (more than 50 photos) are 5%.

With the power of Facebook and big news like being in the Android store, Instagram will keep on getting our attention while some of it’s loyal users are uncomfortable with the acquisition. We’ll see how these changes will affect the app and igers.


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