Mudavim Sofrasi

Facebook App

Combining real-world experiences with those in social media are becoming a reality via technology. For the launch of  Topkapi Raki, DibyGrey created an idea for an app where they wanted to utilize the system of check-ins and connect it to something in real life making the whole social media experience tangible. The key when creating an idea like this is that it is not only spoken about and shared but something that is experienced beyond the Facebook page. Frumatic designed a system for multiple players to ‘check-in’ to a chair and reserve a seat at the table. The aim was to become the ‘mayor’ of a chair by the number of times a person checked in and how regularly. Other players could compete to win a seat and be in line to steal the chair if another player forgot to check-in. When designing and developing the Mudavim Sofrasi game Frumatic implemented HTML5 techniques leading to a seamless and enjoyable experience for its players.