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Our solutions are about Fintech Apps, Social Media Messaging Apps, Product Configurators and CRM/ERP Systems


Charity Donations with Open Banking

The app allows people to support their favorite charity through small acts of kindness by donating pennies from their daily purchases safely and securely

Pledjar Charity Panel allows charities to track their donors and donations with ease while providing access to extra government support and funding via Gift Aid processing.

Open Banking & Payment Tracking

Donors & Payments

Smart Payment Processing

Charity Brand Management via
Profile Managment

Donation Limits & Permissions

Donor Communications via
News & Campaigns


CRM & ERP System for Car Dealerships

Digitalization of entire 2nd hand car business sales process.

The System allows users to manage inventory, entire sales process from pricing calculations, to getting financing offers from financial institutions, insurance offers etc. Users can track payments, create offers, invoices and agreements on the system.

Trafi, Finance, Insurance, Sales Channels

Inventory, Task, Accounting Management
Operations Managment

Offers, Forms, Invoices & Agreements
Document Management

Houppi/Digu App

Wellbeing Platform with Smart Chatbot

Houppi/Digu app measures and improves wellbeing of its users through conversational chatbot while providing instant access to experts and support communities.

The system allows user to answer periodic questions from the chatbot to get users’ wellbeing evaluated, track their daily happiness and wellbeing on various different levels.

Open Surveys on 7+1 dimensions

Articles, Guides, Contacts

Goals, Happiness, Wellbeing Areas


3D Cabinet Designer that works anywhere

Mellano 3D Cabinet Designer allows users to design their own clothing cabinet which can directly be processed by the factory as an order.

All Catalogue Options & Rules
3D Designer

Dynamic Price Calculator

Discounts, Item Lists, Margins


eCommerce Platform

"IM SARL is a cloud based platform that enables customers to manage products, product prices, product inventory, B2B and B2C e-commerce sales channels, purchase orders, and invoices.

This application enables tracking your sales, customer accounts, product stocks and purchases in more than one marketplace from a single screen."

B2B & B2C Marketing
eCommerce platforms

Managing product inventory, profile management
ERP platform

Sharing product Information to 3rd party platforms