Whether you have a new product idea or want to take your company's digital transformation one step further, Frumatic can help you analyze, diagnose, and overcome challenges and help you discover new opportunities.


Frumatic helps you understand the needs of your audience to design a meaningful and impactful user experience. We can bring your ideas to life with rapid prototyping within days, optimizing user objectivity from the start.


From purely digital products, like a mobile app or a web platform, to real-digital world interaction systems, such as indoor navigation or AI backed camera systems, Frumatic can engineer solutions that will add substantial value to your business.


After the project build is complete, Frumatic can help you maintain a healthy and secure digital infrastructure in a very cost-efficient way. We can also optimize, incrementally improve and maintain any existing or legacy systems you are using.


What we do

Frumatic builds mobile applications, e-commerce, social and enterprise platforms on the web with the capability of empowering them with advanced technologies such as computer vision, predictive AI algorithms, and mixed reality. We enthusiastically strive to turn the challenges of our clients into opportunities with our wide range of engineering capabilities and deep expertise in each technology we use.


Other Technologies & Platforms We Use

PHP JavaScript Android Apple Apache Bootstrap Confluence Co++ css3 Docker Git Html5 MySQL nginx redis Slack ssh AWS