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Software Client Executive

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We are looking for team members to join our mission in digitalizing Finnish companies. We offer compelling and flexible working conditions as a platform company or as an employer. We’d love to have colleagues and companions who want to change the Finnish software industry scenery into becoming more client-friendly and cost-efficient to every Finnish company. 

What we seek in you:

  • Love to find, work and develop great digital solutions with and for the clients
  • Strong business acumen, understand client’s perspective
  • Develop & deliver professional sales presentations through effective technical presentations & demonstrations. Maintain all sales demonstration tools & applications and update as needed
  • Wide understanding of technologies used for main client needs
  • Wide network of contacts in the field
  • Comfortable with sales efforts towards new potential customers (“cold calls”)
  • Fluent in Finnish and English: Excellent oral, written & listening skills
  • Excellent customer service, problem solving & conflict resolution skills
  • Excellent time management & self-management skills
  • Proactive and positive attitude
  • High ethics


  • Recognizing business needs of the client and providing guidance about turning client’s ideas into digital products. Investigating client needs along with their written or verbal requests and creating a feature and functionality list. Managing expectations and leading the client process.
  • Constructing sales pitches and presentations. Negotiating price for the sale and commercial agreements. Conducting meetings with the clients as well as prospects in person, over the phone or internet
  • Making potential clients understand the value of Frumatic’s unique product management and development process that eliminates doubts about the result. We think about the client’s business needs first
  • Acting as the first line of customer service and technical support for the clients’ software projects. Advising customers on product and technical matters. 
  • Being the bridge between client and the product management. Providing client feedback after software development sprints. Acting as the “voice of the client” within the company
  • Staying up-to-date about the company’s technical and operational capabilities to offer feasible and cost-efficient technology solutions to clients. Being interested in constantly changing software technologies, infrastructures, systems and platforms.

*Educational background is not a prerequisite. What we care about is that you are truly business savvy and know different technologies well enough and can apply them to the benefit of clients.

*We value experience, however, our sector is about constant learning and we expect the same from you. What is important for us, is your demonstrated ability to be able to bring clients in, nurture them and keep them happy. Experience in near-shoring software development companies is a bonus.

About Frumatic

We are Frumatic, a growing Finnish-owned customer-friendly software development company. We put client satisfaction at the core of our business and aim to delight clients with cost-efficient digital solutions. We use our own unique method for creating an understandable specification process for the client. This way, the client does not need to understand the details of software specifications. We do it for them. 

In addition to our own specifications and development process, Frumatic has created a competitive edge through near shore development centers that are situated in tech parks in association with the best universities in Turkey and Russia. We are also in the process of establishing a sales office in Austin, TX. Due to our wide geographical spread, we have a unique opportunity to utilize the best global talent enabling us to scale our operations seamlessly. We are able to specialize in wide variety of software technologies and still maintain high quality cost-efficiently. Frumatic is now ready to drive digitalization in Finland and is setting up business operations here. 

You are warmly welcome to work and grow the team with us!