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DMS is an all-in-one digital solution designed to help auto dealers run their businesses with ease and efficiency

With the ability to automate processes, monitor employee performance, and leverage data to improve profitability, Frumatic’s DMS can help auto dealers reduce operating expenses and improve the bottom line.

Take a Look

With one click get vehicle information publish market listings create contracts apply for financing get eSignatures

Frumatic DMS is


Create and use any type of data anywhere you want

Our system is built to change and evolve to better serve your business needs and processes

Setup Variables

A variable is a pair of a label and a value that stores information

Select Location

Select in which screens and forms the variable should appear

Set Rules

Decide the min – max values and if data is required to continue
Frumatic DMS is


Integrate with 3rd parties. send & receive data with ease


Match system data with 3rd party data and options once


Get warnings when they or you change your data structure


Send or receive data from other systems with one click

Sales & Purchase

Create Sales, Purchase, and Consignment documents with ease


Create sales or purchase offers and share them via email in minutes


Sell financing to your customers and get a decision in seconds*


Create sales or purchase contracts ready to be signed by both parties
Product Designer


Get your customers to sign documents digitally

Take the first step to enable your business to sell 100% online and digitalize your contract process


eSignature request is created automatically with every contract

E-Mail or SMS

Customer and the employee receives an email or an sms


DMS receives and stores signed document automatically


Create invoices & accounting entries automatically

Less manual operations mean less errors and more efficient use of time for everyone


Individual invoices for each payment and payout

Invoiced to

Customer, Finance Company or Remaining Debt Finance Company


Accounting entries are generated for each invoice

Many More!

Our DMS SaaS streamlines auto dealership management, enabling you to access vehicle history, get technical information, calculate expenses, publish listings, get financing, esign contracts, automate accounting, create work orders, and much more with one click. The system also lets you oversee company wide to-do lists and workload, receive event-triggered notifications, and facilitate team communication, all in one place.

Vehicle Information
Get vehicle history and technical details with one click.
Expense Tracking
Automatically track expenses to calculate cost and profitability.
Market Listings
Publish ads on popular market listing platforms with ease.
Financing Applications
Apply for financing and get decisions within minutes.
Get esignature from customers via email or SMS.
Auto Accounting
Automatically create accounting entries for transactions.
To-Do Lists
Oversee company-wide tasks on a comprehensive to-do list.
Notification System
Set automatic notifications for important events and updates.
Communication Tools
Communicate with team members via chat or email within the system.
Document Management
Automatically create offers, contracts, temporary licenses, window stickers and invoices
Consignment Sales
Ability to list and sell the vehicles the company does not own, automatically purchasing the vehicle before the sales contract is created
Inspections & Service Tasks
Generate service tasks and work orders automatically from inspection reports.