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We build amazing web & mobile apps

to help you achieve your business goals efficiently and effortlessly

We create digital solutions that empower your business

UI/UX Prototype
UX Research, User Experience and Interface Design, Rapid Prototyping
Mobile Solutions
Native & Hybrid IOS and Android applications
Web Solutions
Websites, CRM Platforms, Content Management Systems, and more
Client First
We prioritize creating business impact for our clients above everything else
Business Impact over Tech
We strive to find the most suitable and efficient solution for your specific circumstances
Efficiency over Complexity
We focus on to finding the fastest and the most affordable route to your success.
Our Philosophy

Doing what is right for the client

Our philosophy of “Doing what is right for the client” guides us to think about the most suitable and efficient solution for your specific circumstances.

Rather than focusing on the most sophisticated tech solution, we strive to find the fastest and the most affordable route to your success.

We aim to provide the most value with the least amount of time and budget
We have an all-star team with diverse set of skills and backgrounds
We are trusted by our clients, academic and commercial partners

Our Clients

Join our list of happy clients!


We design and develop world class digital solutions

CRM/ERP Systems
Customer Relationship Management Systems, Enterprise Software
Financial Technology Apps, Payment, Open Banking,
Product Configurators
Advanced price calculations based on customization, 3D editors
Social Media
Social Media & Messaging Apps, Chat Bots

About Us

We are a Finland-based, boutique, nearshore technology solutions company with a client-first approach. Generating business results and your project’s success is our top priority.

More than Software Development
We offer tech solutions to business problems. Our executive team has top-level education and years of experience in business management.
Insights that Make a Difference
We help you build hypotheses, learn from the users and validate or iterate your value proposition. Achieving problem-solution and product-market fit is crucial.
Experience Meets Pragmatism
Our experience and expertise allow us to utilize existing frameworks to come up with the most cost and time-efficient solutions.

How We Work

Just like we can build any web or mobile application from scratch following all the steps listed below, you can also choose to work with Frumatic for a specific service.


Let us know what your business needs, restrictions and expectations are


Work with us to understand needs and behavior of your target audience to craft the smoothest experience


Explore your digital product visually before making a purchase decision. Provide feedback and revise.


Review and approve the progress on milestones before making payments.


Get training, access to code and admin controls of your system.


Keep your product up-to-date and secure through regular maintenance

Contact Us


    Lönnrotinkatu 5, 00100 Helsinki,

    [email protected]
    +33 6 80 86 05 28

    3 Avenue Saint Charles, Monte-Carlo 98000, Monaco

    [email protected]
    +33 6 80 86 05 28
    +90 312 987 35 00

    ODTU Teknokent
    Mustafa Kemal Mah. Eskişehir Yolu, 06520, Ankara, Turkey

    Bilkent Cyberpark Development Center
    Bilkent, Cyberplaza, Ankara, 06800, Turkey

    [email protected]
    +90 312 987 35 00
    +1 951 878 8627

    3517 N Hills Dr,
    Austin, TX, 78731, USA

    [email protected]
    +1 951 878 8627