Computer Vision Applications

Computer Vision Applications

What is Computer vision?

Computer vision is a relatively new field of information technology. In essence, it’s exactly what it sounds like, methods to make a computer understand our world visually, to “see” the real world and react to it. Like artificial intelligence, computer vision is not a simple solution that you can apply to a problem, it’s a fundamental technology upon which software is built.

Computer vision will likely be one of the main technologies driving forward the development of robotics and autonomous vehicles, but there are many other uses for this technology. Computer vision is already being used in industrial settings, such as lumber mills and waste processing for example, where a computer can identify materials and flag for example damaged wood or problematic waste around the clock, much faster than a human ever could.

Even outside commercial institutions, computer vision has been enabling new ways to approach problems. Researchers have used computer vision to automatically identify individuals of an endangered species of seal based on the patterns of their fur using computer vision. This way researchers can track the paths of individual seals and use that information to create net-fishing free zones to help the endangered species.

Computer vision allows us to bring the advantages of software into the real world. While it’s obvious that a self-driving car must be able to react to changing conditions on the road using cameras, the technology can be used in almost any place where a lot of data needs to be analysed visually, currently most likely by human supervisors. The great thing about core technologies such as computer vision is that with an innovative mindset, applications can be found almost anywhere.

Frumatic’s specialists can create computer vision models which can detect and classify objects, detect faces and moods and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of how far into the process of using these technologies you are, our team is happy to help you realize a solution that fits your business’s needs!

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